ASCD Webinars - A site with free webinars on a variety of education subjects.  

IRIS Center Resource Locator - A collection of training modules, case studies, activities, and videos that can help educators learn about a variety of subjects, including behavior management, differentiated instruction, RTI, Accommodations, and much more.  Something for everyone.


Netsmartz Workshop - Site about internet safety for parents and kids.




ProjectFlow - A site to help track projects.  I find this helpful in tracking evaluations and other time sensitive, multi-step tasks.

PDFmyURL - A site that allows you to turn any website into a PDF document

Do2Learn - A collection of graphic organizers, literacy tools, teacher forms, etc.

Cybrary Man's Cyber Library - A collection of websites and resources for just about every topic imaginable.  Information for Parents, Students, and Educators makes this a must visit site for every.

School Tube - Educational videos from educators and students around the world.

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE) - More than 1,500 federally supported teaching and learning resources are included from dozens of federal agencies. New sites are added regularly.  Topics include art, history, health, PE, math, science, world events, and more. 

Text-to-Speech - A site that allows you to enter text and have it read aloud.  You can alter the speed that it is read, the voice it is read in, and can have it translated into another language.  Useful for temporary situations but a more powerful text-to-speech service would be necessary for constant or intensive use.

Big List of Educational Grants and RESOURCES - A collection of grants, contests, and resources. Updated for the current school year.