Bug and Boo Virtual Tour

Hi, Everyone! October is a special month for social emotional and mental health awareness. October is recognized as the Emotional Intelligence Awareness Month, Emotional Wellness Month, Bullying Prevention Month, and ADHD Awareness Month. There are also many more special days and weeks throughout the month related to mental health.

October also coincides with the relaunch of Bug and Boo, a book that helps kids learn about self-awareness and self-management of big emotions. As a way to bring more attention to the causes of the month and to introduce Bug and Boo to more people, I will be participating in a virtual tour throughout the month.

A virtual book tour is similar to a traditional tour in that there are multiple stops and is intended to promote the book. Instead of stops at bookstores and libraries, stops include blogs, podcasts, and other digital media. Over the next month, I will have guest blog posts, book reviews, Q&As, and giveaways across the internet. I will be highlighting each stop on my blog and social media, so be sure to check back here often so you don't miss a stop!

Are you doing something special to highlight a cause in October? Share it in the comments below!

Kyle Carlin